Soobak Webpage

As my friends will know, I am very involved with my old taekwondo club
in Aalborg. One “job” I have taken on me for the club is administering
our web-page soobak. In particular, setting up the web-page so
others can do the news updates (similar to this blog) so that I do not
have to do it everytime.

Yesterday and today, I spend quite some time modifying the existing
web-page to use a layout controlled by bootstrap. This has made it
responsive and thus much easier to use on mobile phones. Also, the
custom WordPress theme I originally made has also been made a bit
cusomisable – the slide show on the front page was not present
before and the text on the individual slides can be altered within

Although much of our internal traffic has moved to facebook nowadays,
I still consider it important to have a website that is easy to
administer and provides relevant information to people.

The current setup achieves this (I think).