Being in Flow

Flow is a state where you are fully immersed in your activity; and you feel energised by your work. You lose track of time and space when you are in flow.

In order to gain a state of flow some conditions must be met; firstly the challenges you face must be matched by your level of skills and there must be a well-defined goal for the task. Being in a state of flow is fantastic, you feel like you accomplish something. Today, I was in flow when working on the taekwondo clubs homepage. How can I be sure about this? Well, I was so immersed in working that I forgot about dinner and I started working at ten in the morning.

Flow is a fantastic feeling, but what happend to my sunday?

First Post

Yay, first post. And about time people could say. I have had this domain for quite some time without really using it. Since 2013 to be exact. The period without using the domain lasted until a year ago, where I decided it was about time I used my domain – by creating a static HTML page containing only my list of publications.

Well, I have finally installed a WordPress blog. It will mainly be used as my online resume but I will (probably) also use it to write some of my thoughts on various things: computer science, living abroad, taekwondo, inline skating and perhaps something completely different.