Yesterday I was skating my usual route down by the harbour, playing around and practicing various skills on my inlines. It was quite nice weather, yet there weren’t that many on the harbour. I found that quite odd, but the low density of people was perfect for my skate practice 😀

During my skate session I was practicing my backwards skating and in particular my backwards snake. I’m quite good at backwards snake (if I may say so myself) when leading with my right leg, but when leading with my left leg…not so much. In fact, I have come to the conclusion that I am generally good at doing things while leading with the right leg and less good when leading with the left. I find this peculiar as I, as a taekwondo instructor, have always told my students that we must practice both sides, yet I have neglected that myself while skating.

Anyway, During my session two older people stopped me up on their scooters and asked me “How did you get so good at skating” (In german of course). I responded that I had just been skating for many years. When they left they said “Weltmeister” – to which I had to laugh. I am definitely not world champion. But I was rather flattered 🙂