In the past week, I attended Federated Logic Conference in Oxford. A huge assembly of some of the most clever people within Logics and Software Verification. LICS and CAV was held as part of this assembly, and so was Formal Methods (FM) which I had an accepted paper at.


LICS is not really a conference I would normally attend, as it is a bit (just a bit :-p) more theoretical than what I do. However, since it was co-located with FM and CAV I decided to attend it. Peter O’Hearn gave a wonderful keynote about his work on integrating formal methods into the Facebook development cycle: he emphasized that the most important was to have tools run at diff-time – otherwise bugs found was not fixed. Another great talk was given by Karoliina Lehtinen, a colleague in Kiel, about parity games. I sure enjoyed it, and it seemed most others in the audience did as well.


The second half of the week, I attended CAV and FM. Byron Cook gave a fabulous talk about security in the Cloud at Amazon. Byron Cook also showed his media training worked, when he was asked about Amazons position in regards to meltdown and spectre: strangely enough he refused to comment on it.

At FM I had to present my own paper. I was a bit anxious (more than usual) before my presentation. Mainly because this was my first time to present Lodin at a conference. The presentation went quite well, and there was quite some discussions/questions afterwards.