Experiences in Online Supervision

Working from home is not fun, but it is doable. Supervising student from home on other hand is just plain frustrating. From Aalborg University we do have tool support such as MS Teams or skype, and this at least easen in setting up meetings. Technologies like MS Teams are great for quick coordinating meetings, but for meetings where you have to discuss math/formal writing I find it inadequate. I simply miss writing on a blackboard/paper with my students ( it of course doesn’t make things any simpler that I am running on a Linux machine.

I have investigated for a while, and finally found a solution: a program called scrcpy allows mirroring my android tablet screen to my computer. Then I can share that screen to the students and do handwriting (on the tablet) while talking to them. It of course does not allow them to interact with the screen, but at least I can write to them 🙂