Missing add or push => No work evening

At the moment I’m working on a few papers. One of them is a rewrite of
a recently rejected paper (that’s life right?) and the other a brand
new one.

For both of the above mentioned papers I am naturally using LaTex for
text processing and a version control system – git. I am big fan of
git – well any version control actually. The number of times I have
been saved by version control is uncountable by now. However, there are two things version control has never protected me from: forgetting to
add a file to my repository or forgetting to push to the
repository. In fact, the only reason I write this post right now is
because I around 16.00 today forgot adding a file to my repository at work —
making it impossible for me to work this evening.

Oh well, I will just sit down with a cup of coffee and relax.