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In the past we at Aalborg Soobak had a Taekwondo Quiz. The game is about translating words form korean to danish in rounds. In each round a word to translate was provided along with a list of possible translation. The player then had to select the correct translation. During the game, the player was awarded points – the game was over at the first wrong answer. To make it a bit more difficult, the answers had to be given within a given time frame.

The quiz, however, has not been available on our web-page for a long time. We have renewed our web-page and the quiz got lost in the modifications. The game has however been requested quite often by other clubs ( but strangely enough by our own membes ) and everytime we responded: “We are aware of it. It will come back eventually. ” – but we never implemented.

One day I received an e-mail asking if the quiz would re-emerge as they were missing it. As mentioned, we already intended to reimplement the quiz and it had just been pushed back in the pile of tasks for ages. Anyway, I had the day off and in classic programmer style thought: “I can do this in two hours – I will be done before lunch” (I started in the morning around ten). I was not finished before lunch – in fact I did not finish before 23.00 in the evening with a reimplementation using the old HTML-code.

I could have been done earlier, had I not spend time focusing creating a decent architecture for the PHP back-end. Something that paid as I two days later – with minimal effort – could change the front-end completely to use bootstrap and be a responsive web-page (comes for free with bootstrap).

I have some improvement planned for the taekwondo quiz, but they will have to wait. The quiz is available here ( only in danish though)

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