Two Travel Thoughts

Short story, I travelled to Oslo to meet up with my girlfriend, in order to attend the weeding of a friends of hers. Normally when talking about my travels, I usually end up talking about all of my travel trouble. Not this time though, as my travel went absolutely perfect. I did have some thoughts during my travel:

How easy it is to have your items stolen at security

A little backstory may be in order here. In Oslo my girlfriend had bought me a digital picture frame (thanks a lot), which I had put into my hand luggage. I had forgotten about it in security, thus when I took up all of my electronics on tray, I left that in my luggage. Naturally, I put my suitcase on another tray and my jacket on a third one. As luck would have it, my suitcase was taken out for inspection. As I was talking to the security officer, my electronics was down at the other end of the table. A thief could easily have snatched all of my electronics, and I could do nothing about it. I wonder if my insurance would actually cover theft from the airport.

Priority Deboarding

As I am sure most air travellers have tried, airlines have priority boarding. I never quite understood that concept. The priority guests board first, but they are stuck in the aircraft until everyone else has boarded. They are not getting to their destination any quicker. A concept I would pay money for is “priority deboarding” – i.e. giving me priority in leaving the plane. The reason for this is, that I often have short trasnfers and I often want to catch a bus from Hamburg. A bus I always have to run for, because other passengers take too long in leaving the plane.

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